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Ordering Hint

For on-line ordering fill in the number of items wanted followed by the full description and then the total for that item or items.
As our catalogs are in PDF you may simply highlight the description on the PDF and cut and paste that into the description of the on-line order blank. See images below.

faq_pdf_1 (50K)

Image above is a sample of the PDF as it may appear on your screen.

faq_pdf_2 (47K)

By placing your mouse at the beginning of the description and dragging it to the end you will see that line highlighted. Now do a cut <control-C> or Edit/Copy from the PDF reader.

faq_pdf_3 (8K)

Place your mouse inside the first empty description area on the on-line order page, click once and the paste <control-V> or Edit/Paste from the PDF reader.

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